Autry and Donnie Moore Himself to Attend Last-Resort Meeting

Times Staff Writer

With telephone negotiations at a standstill and the Jan. 8 free-agent re-enlistment deadline approaching, the Angels and the agents for relief pitcher Donnie Moore have agreed to a last-resort meeting Tuesday in Anaheim, with Moore and Angel owner Gene Autry as added participants.

"If it doesn't get done there, it ain't gonna get done," said Peter Rose, one of Moore's agents.

The Angels have until midnight Wednesday to come to terms with Moore, who became a free agent after saving 31 games and earning the Angels' most-valuable-player award in 1985. If the deadline passes with Moore unsigned, the pitcher can negotiate with other teams but cannot re-sign with the Angels until May 1.

Translation: If the deadline passes with Moore unsigned, the Angels are looking at a bullpen headed by Stewart Cliburn and Gary Lucas for 1986.

"I don't think anyone wants to see the deadline pass," Rose said. "It's no secret that Donnie wants to stay in Anaheim, and it's no secret the Angels want him back."

The main sticking points: The Angels' insistence on no contract longer than three years, and Moore's insistence on an annual salary calling for at least $1 million.

The Angels' most recent offer--one Autry called the team's last--was a three-year contract, heavy on incentive bonuses that could bring Moore's salary to $1 million a year.

Moore's agents, Rose and David Pinter, are reportedly looking for a guaranteed $1 million annually for four or five years.

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