1 Animal Shelter Was Overlooked

Your Dec. 19 edition contained a wonderful article about four of the five animal shelters in Orange County. The article and accompanying photographs contribute greatly to pet adoptions as well as donations of goods, services and funds from the concerned public.

Because San Clemente is tucked away in the southernmost tip of Orange County, we are frequently overlooked. Perhaps that was why you unfortunately did not mention the San Clemente Animal Shelter in your article.

Our shelter is different in many ways from the other four shelters, particularly on two points: first, we are the only pro--life animal shelter in the county. We care for the homeless animals for as long as it takes to find a home for them. We are the only shelter that will not euthanize an animal because of its length of stay! The shelter exists on a volunteer staff with only two city paid employees, and almost totally from donations.



Friends of San Clemente Animals

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