Another Look at Test Scores

Year after year, when the California Assessment Program test scores are printed, the Los Angeles public schools continue to get negative publicity.

In your Dec. 29 issue you printed an article by John Mitchell detailing the declining test scores in the West Los Angeles schools.

Those of us parents whose children are in the public schools know it is simply not realistic to look at overall test scores anymore; parents must look at their children's individual scores. I deeply resent such a negative article which makes it appear that our public school teachers are not doing their jobs and children are failing in the basics. Most community children, in fact, test very high.

The Los Angeles Times would be doing its community a great service if its reporters researched all of the wonderful things happening in our schools. Parents at all the Westside schools are actively involved in raising money for more enrichment programs such as science, art and music. And the basics are, indeed, taught to our children.

I also urge all parents who are considering different school options for their children to speak to the principals of the schools being considered, to talk to other parents, and to observe the classrooms and see firsthand what is being taught.


Parent, Castle Heights

Elementary School

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