Blame Consumers for Deficit With Japan

In "Industry's Ills are Domestic, Not Imports" Jameson states that Japanese industries are more efficient because there was a shift away from energy-consuming industries and investment for the purpose of conserving energy.

In another Viewpoint the same day--"In Suit-Happy Society, the Economy Ends Up Suffering the Damages"--Lester C. Thurow states that America imports 40% of its oil and cannot pay for it.

He has previously pointed to the deterioration of our sewage infrastructure in large cities and urban areas, saying they are in need of repair and enlargement. I offer the following suggestion.

Why not solve all three problems by updating sewage treatment plants nationwide and within each system include a biomass energy-generating system where waste products would be directly converted into energy through biomass conversion?

This would create cost-effective, non-polluting energy while eliminating our current inadequate sewage treatment facilities. It would also create millions of jobs.

This is not against oil, gas and other fossil fuels which are needed for creating a higher quality of life for all, not only nationally but globally as well.

As Third World countries are brought up to our standard of living, demands on such fossil fuels will be much greater and a strain might be placed on long-term projected output as producing wells dry up.

When more people can afford to purchase products (which stimulates the economy and GNP), a depletion can occur if those products are from non-renewable resources.


El Segundo

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