Blame Consumers for Deficit With Japan

I totally disagree with Sam Jameson's opinions about U.S. business and our country in his Viewpoint, "U.S. Industry's Ills Are Domestic, Not Imports" (Dec. 15).

The Japanese economy is being supported by the U.S. consumer at the expense of our own U.S. companies.

Who will be able to afford Japanese or any other imports if the United States goes under?

It is more than time for Japan to help the United States promote U.S.-made products.

Is it fair for the Japanese to buy land to build their factories in our country in order to evade U.S. protectionism?

It's very sad to hear that CBS has sold the only company making compact disks in the United States to Sony.

Japan continues to exploit our fair trade laws by "dumping" its products (for example, cars) in our country. The metal in Japanese cars is substandard in comparison to domestics.

They fold in accidents. Why did the Japanese steal the semiconductor business from U.S. companies?

I will continue to buy U.S. made products as a No. 1 priority when they are the best my money can buy.

It is a sad state of affairs when almost everything is made in Japan. Our consumers are responsible. Consider the future of our country.


Laguna Niguel

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