Package in Hawaii

My wife and I recently took a trip to Maui and Kauai arranged by a major airline, including a rental car plus the gas. In Maui I presented a voucher for a compact car and was advised to return the car with the gas tank empty, as they chose to fill it at the agency. Before leaving the lot I noticed that the gas gauge showed only one-half full. I was advised that they only fill half full when the car is delivered but they charge for a full tank upon return. I was charged $13 upon return.

In Kauai I received only half a tank but was advised that I would be charged for a full tank upon return, $13. Each time I complained, it was the same advice: company policy. The rental agency was Alamo.

Several others waiting for cars expressed objections to paying for a full tank and only receiving half a tank. I inquired, what if I put in gas during my stay and had half a tank when I returned the car? I was told that they do not give any credit; return the car empty; company policy.



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