FCC Ruling Against KMEX

As a Spanish-speaking playwright, I must congratulate you for your formidable editorial (Jan. 12) regarding KMEX-TV (Channel 34) and our community.

It is a shame that, with the inexhaustible source of Latin-American talent of Southern California, Channel 34 continues to broadcast an interminable list of foreign taped programs--mostly soap operas--rather than produce its own programs.

Fortunately for some, including myself, there is the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, headed by Carmen Zapata, where our culture is tapped for the benefit of our people. Year after year, they present a fascinating variety of Latin American plays, as well as the classical Garcia Lorca. If KMEX-TV was really interested, it could start there, taping live theater for home audiences.

I believe that KMEX-TV has the tremendous responsibility of serving the needs of our community. If a nonprofit organizations, such as the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, can survive and are able to nurture the talents of writers, actors, directors, designers and others, while fighting insurmountable odds in order to educate and entertain, Channel 34 could bring to the TV screen a little more than what it is offering now.


Los Angeles

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