San Diego

San Diego city school employees wishing to bring stun guns on campus as allowed by a new state law will have to comply with regulations approved by the school district's Board of Education.

The board decided Tuesday that school employees must notify principals of their intent to bring a stun gun to school; keep the device in their possession or locked away at all times, and take responsibility for any misuse of the gun.

The rules are an attempt to regulate the use of the immobilizing device while Assemblyman Steve Clute (D-Riverside) moves to add the provisions to the 22-day-old law that allows teachers and other school employees to carry the devices for protection.

Clute proposed the law to prohibit felons, drug addicts and others from owning stun guns. A provision to allow school employees to use the device was added during legislative debate. Under pressure primarily from San Diego parents and the San Diego Unified School District, Clute has agreed to amend the law.

The battery-powered, pocket-sized stun guns are capable of immobilizing an attacker for 15 minutes with a 40,000-volt electrical charge applied to the skin. School and employee union officials have said they know of no school employees who are carrying the devices.

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