To producer Andrew J. Fenady, it was...

To producer Andrew J. Fenady, it was like "being in hog heaven."

There he was, working with two actors he used to watch on the screen "when I was a kid in the balcony in Toledo, Ohio."

Bob Hope and Don Ameche are the stars, and Fenady's production is "A Masterpiece of Murder," airing Monday night on NBC (8-10 p.m.). It's about a hard-luck gumshoe (Hope) and a retired master thief (Ameche) who solve a string of art thefts and murders.

Fenady was quick to add that "the rest of the cast is good too"--and that includes Yvonne De Carlo, Stella Stevens, Jamie Farr, Anne Francis, Frank Gorshin, Kevin McCarthy, Jayne Meadows, Peter Palmer and Clive Revill.

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