What Does an American Believe?

Frank Arcuri sees himself as a combination of Don Quixote and Rocky Balboa. He tries to pass himself off as a concerned American who wants the best for his city. Well, I say this: Arcuri is trying to conceal his racist ideas through sugar-coated words and ultra-patriotism.

He does not want to encourage immigrants to speak English. He denies freedom of speech not only to immigrants but to anyone else who does not speak perfect English. I ask you, does a concerned American deny others the liberties he is granted? Does any real American believe that one must speak perfect English before he can be considered American? Do we, as patriotic Americans, fail to see that Arcuri's actions are racist? No.

Any real American will realize that the Constitution was written to protect the people; more specifically, it protects the rights of the people. One of these rights is the right to free speech. I say this because I am American, and I see Arcuri for what he is. He is a person misled by ignorance, stereotypes and unfounded fears. Forty years ago, another man, also misled by ignorance and unfounded fears, died in a Berlin bunker. His name was Adolf Hitler. The world had hoped his ideas had died with him. Obviously they haven't.



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