Pasadena : Petitioners Seek Shortcut

In another twist to an already controversial chain of events, members of a citizens group that collected 7,203 signatures calling for a complete reorganization of Pasadena government have asked the Board of City Directors to forgo verifying the signatures and place the measure on the June ballot. Citizens for Representative Government worked for seven months to collect the signatures in order to qualify its ballot initiative for the June election.

Last week, City Atty. Victor Kaleta, whose job would be affected if the ballot initiative passes, raised the ire of the group by suggesting that the petitions did not adhere to state and government codes. The petitions were later accepted and forwarded to the county registrar's office for signature verification.

On Monday, members of Citizens for Representative Government asked the board to stop the county's verification process and place the issue on the ballot. By law, the board is empowered to place propositions directly on the ballot if a majority of its members vote to do so.

The ballot initiative calls for a directly elected mayor, city clerk and city attorney, positions which are now appointed. The initiative also calls for elimination of the city manager's position.

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