Efforts to Soften the Image of Pit Bulls

Trying to soften the image of pit bulls is like trying to soften the image of a shark.

Through decades of inbreeding and line breeding, the modern day pit bull is what breeders wanted--a killer and a fighter--nothing more!

Your article mentioned that the number of pit bulls biting people was about the same as that of German shepherds. It’s a known fact that pit bulls as a rule love people--it’s other animals they hate! And as a rule other animals sense something unusual about them too!

I will never forget the evening I arrived home and upon entering the yard was greeted by two pit bulls whose faces were raw and red with blood and discovering the carnage of my two beautiful German shorthaired pointers. My neighbor, the owner of the pits, said he did not understand how it happened. “They had never done anything like that before,” he said.