Downfall of Marcos

1986 is just two months old, and already two notorious dictators--Jean-Claude Duvalier of Haiti and Ferdinand Marcos--have been sent packing by their outraged subjects. Could this be a trend?

Just to keep the ball rolling, I suggest that the Reagan Administration declare March "National Dictator's Month." During this time, any dictator who feels at all insecure about his tenure would be free to leave his country, no questions asked. I also propose that the Air Force scramble a special formation of airplanes--a la the Strategic Air Command--and keep them flying 24 hours a day, ready at a moment's notice to pick up these rejected rulers.

Of course, there is always the problem of where to house all these former petty tyrants. Yet I'm sure Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos would be happy to put them up at their place on Long Island.


Universal City

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