Downfall of Marcos

Like most of us, I hope that the so-called "step-down" of President Ferdinand Marcos will be for the better interests of both the United States and the Philippines. I trust it will not be another Nicaragua or Iran. I hope we know what we are doing as a nation, in spite of our dubious record in stemming Marxist forces targeted against us.

However, there are obvious questions regarding the whole affair. Perhaps the most outrageous statement was made by a New York congressman to the effect that it was a demonstration of democracy at work. Since when is a mob riot, coup d'etat, or revolution a democratic act?

The news media was essentially all pro-Aquino; we heard zilch from anyone representing the Marcos backers. What happened to them? Are we to believe the news reporters couldn't find at least one to interview?

Isn't it absurd to assume approximately half of the Philippine voters vanished into thin air or suddenly shifted their support to Aquino? Isn't Aquino's victory just as flawed as the election was purported to be?

Hopefully, there will be another election and then, perhaps, the Philippine people will show their dedication to democracy rather than totalitarianism. Meanwhile I, probably among many, must wonder if we aren't being kidded and just who is kidding whom.



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