Hilton Chain Accomodating Non-Smokers : 5% of Rooms to Be Tobacco-Free on Reservation Basis

A minimum of 5% of the 100,000 Hilton hotel rooms in the United States will be specially cleaned and set aside as nonsmoking rooms, according to Carl T. Mottek, president of the Hilton Hotels Division of Hilton Hotels Corp., Beverly Hills.

The chain is also establishing non-smoking areas in its restaurants and setting aside guest-room floors and wings for non-smoking guests.

Mottek estimates that about one-third of Hilton's guests are smokers, adding that "the comfort of such a large segment of our business dictates a policy which recognizes smokers' rights, too."

The new policy, currently in effect, will include augmented restaurant ventilation for all new construction and major remodeling projects, according to Hilton spokesman George Stamos.

Non-smoking rooms at participating Hiltons may be requested through Hilton Reservation Service on a first-come, first-served basis, and like restaurant seating, are subject to availability.

The furnishings in non-smoking rooms will be professionally cleaned, including all draperies, carpeting and upholstery. Ashtrays will be replaced with a tray filled with mints and a notice reading: "For the convenience of all our guests, Hilton has set aside a portion of its guest rooms and dining facilities as non-smoking areas. Thank you for not smoking."

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