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The annual Chinese New Year's parade in San Francisco is back on track after officials finally found a company that will carry liability insurance for the event. Rose Pak of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce said the insurance will cost the city $47,000, a giant leap above the previous rates, which never exceeded $5,000. Parade officials contacted 30 different wholesale insurance carriers before the city's chief administrative officer interceded and connected them with KK Insurance Co., which also provides liability insurance for the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans and the Indianapolis 500 auto race, Pak said. Chamber officials, who organize the parade, had said earlier that the March 8 nighttime event would have to be canceled if an insurance carrier wasn't found. "Now, we're trying to get the word out that everything will go as scheduled," she said. "Half a million people come to see it every year, and we're afraid they'll think it's been canceled."

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