J.R. Reid’s Father Has Own Plan to Deal With His Son’s Choice

It’s still a mystery where blue-chip center J.R. Reid is going, but his father mentioned only UCLA and Iowa when asked the destination of the 6-10 prospect from Virginia Beach, Va.

Herman Reid Sr., a junior high school basketball coach in Virginia Beach, told the Richmond News Leader: “It doesn’t matter to me where he goes. He’s got to go where he’s happy. If he doesn’t, it will be the longest four years of his life.

“If he goes to UCLA, that’s fine. UCLA is on television a lot. And if he wants to go to Iowa, I’ll get a satellite dish and put it in my back yard. I’ve got a big back yard.”

Note: J.R.'s actual name is Herman Reid Jr., but he didn’t like the name Herman and dropped it when he was in the third grade. “My mom thought of J.R.,” he said, “and my dad didn’t mind.”


Trivia Time: Utah, Wyoming and Texas El Paso, tri-champions of the Western Athletic Conference this season with 12-4 records, share what distinction in the conference. (Answer below.)

Responding to an item on Lefty Driesell’s fractured syntax, Bob Rosen of Redondo Beach writes: “Mr. Driesell and I were classmates at Duke, and I can state unequivocally that his use of the English language at that time was absolutely superb. The only logical explanation for its present status is that it must have started its decline when he became associated with the University of Maryland.”

Golfer Muffin Spencer-Devlin, who believes in reincarnation, explains why she sometimes walks backward: “It’s to strengthen my quadriceps. In my next life I’m going to be a downhill skier.”

Tom Selakovich was so mad he wasn’t making a lot of sense. After losing out to management’s Tal Smith in the arbitration case of San Diego outfielder Kevin McReynolds, the agent sputtered: “This is war. If they think we’re just country boys driving a cabbage truck, that we don’t have any feelings. . . . Tal Smith has the personality of a doughnut. But I’d hire him in a minute.”


From the Associated Press: “MORAGA, Calif.--Joe DeLuca has been released from his duties as head football coach at St. Mary’s of California, effective immediately, athletic director Donald McKillip said on Monday.”

Translation: He got canned.

Buddy Ryan once called William Perry “a wasted draft choice,” but he now admits The Fridge earned his keep with the Chicago Bears last season.

“He’s made a lot of strides,” said Ryan, new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. “He lost a lot of weight and did a good job for us. Steve McMichael helped him a lot.

“If he goes on the banquet circuit and bulks up to 350, he’ll have some problems. But he’s an excellent player, not just as a fullback.”

Said Larry Bird when asked what athlete he would switch places with if he had the chance: “Well, he isn’t an athlete, but Chuck Yeager. I just can’t read enough about him. It amazes me. I just can’t believe the things he’s accomplished.”

Trivia Answer: All three schools have won NCAA titles--Wyoming in 1942-43, Utah in 1943-44 and Texas El Paso, then called Texas Western, in 1965-66.



Jeff Ruland of the Washington Bullets, asked if it’s true that teammate Manute Bol once killed a lion with a spear: “No, he killed it with one of his foul shots.”