Abuse Program Can Be Had Free

Hermosa Beach, I find, is right back where it started in its child-abuse program. But it's obvious that some clear thinking is needed to avoid the current situation that has left a few red faces.

For one thing, there is no justifiable need in spending taxpayer funds for a child-abuse program since there are area groups that offer the same services for free that the city contracted to pay for. Eighteen months ago I was a member of an ad-hoc committee that recommended to the City Council that it was unnecessary to pay for such services, that they would only duplicate those being offered elsewhere.

Our recommendation was overruled, and that was unfortunate since now I find the city has been embarrassed in light of the disclosure that Open Door Clinic, the agency hired to direct the child-abuse program, has an officer who has admitted sexual indiscretions.

The Hermosa Beach City Council is forever practicing tight financing and with good reason since the city does not have funds to throw around.


Hermosa Beach

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