Tennis Players Are Athletes, Too

Julie Cart's story on Boris Becker (Feb. 26) caused quite a stir in the players' locker room at the Pilot Pen tournament. Could this reporter conceivably support the assertion that "tennis players are the only segment of society who can make golfers look like athletic brutes."

Bjorn Borg's reign over the tennis world distinguished him as perhaps the greatest athlete of his time. He even won a "Superstars" competition, winning something like seven of 10 events. Now, almost every serious player is operating at a peak level of physical efficiency; running in his free time, weights, aerobic training, diet control. Plus the usual regimen of three to seven hours of tennis a day.

The top professional linksters are considered "fit" when their stretch waistbands refuses to roll over. On any level, whether pro or B level, tennis requires a degree of athleticism which is just not found on the seat of a golf cart.

I think it is important that Miss Cart exercise more restraint when discussing tennis players, golfers and athletic expertise. Her remarks were not fitting.


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