Keith Hernandez Gets a Slap on the Wrist--and He's Complaining

Is anybody else but me disgusted with the self-righteous, hypocritical diatribes by writers to Viewpoint and by columnists like Jim Murray concerning drug use by athletes? Why do these people think that athletes should be subjected to a higher set of standards than the rest of the population? Making athletes submit to mandatory drug tests is not only quite possibly unconstitutional, but makes as much sense as making the cast and crews of network TV shows submit to those same tests.

I don't use drugs and I'm not encouraging anyone else to use them either. I just think that you armchair quarterbacks out there cracking a brew after a tough day at work, and you sports franchise owners thinking about jacking up beer prices at the ballpark in the hopes of increasing profits, should ask yourselves why you think you're on higher moral ground than an athlete who doesn't want to be subjected to drug testing.


Santa Barbara

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