Brown's Views on Supreme Court

Brown's article on the state Supreme Court offered a refreshing lesson in American history. As he reminds us, the triumph of freedom and American democracy has beEn due in large part to the sanctity of the Constitution, an important element of which is the independence of the judiciary.

Like many Californians, I am sick and tired of opportunistic candidates and downright sleazy politicians who choose the California judiciary as just another arena in which to quench their thirst for power.

By their shortsighted efforts to destroy the independence of Chief Justice Bird, Justice Cruz Reynoso and the rest of the state Supreme Court, Gov. George Deukmejian and his cohorts, under the deceptive guise of reflecting the popular will, are playing with human lives and playing havoc with cherished constitutional values.

The campaign against Bird and the rest have been falsely painted as conflicts of liberal versus conservative, of criminal versus victim. They are not; rather, there's the paramount issue is constitutional right versus constitutional wrong.

The rank opportunism of so-called law-and-order politicians endangers the very law and order they are sworn to uphold. The real victim of their self-serving machinations will be the California legal systems. MICHAEL MELCHER Anaheim

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