Brown's Views on Supreme Court

I see from former Gov. Brown's article that he still misjudges what the people want and what government should be doing.

What the people want and are entitled to is the elimination from our society of those who deliberately murder others. They've said that they are even willing to provide attorneys at public expense to insure a fair determination of innocence or guilt. What the public wants is that after sentencing and the appeals that follow that the sentence be carried out.

What the public did not vote for in the three branches of government was paralysis. They did not vote for a governor who couldn't make a decision or a legislature that couldn't pass a law nor did they confirm justices who would paralyze the imposition of the death sentence.

One must give Chief Justice Bird and her similar voting colleagues some credit for judicial inventiveness in finding different reasons in 34 cases for not carrying out the death sentence. The public perception is that Bird is telling us that in 34 cases involving at least 34 judges, 34 prosecutors, 34 defense lawyers and 408 jurors, not once did they do the job right.

Our perception is that her standards of justice are so high that no one will be executed while she has the say so. We have come to believe that Bird and some of her fellow justices will continue to paralyze the imposition of the death penalty until such time as they see the perfect fair trial, at which time they probably won't even recognize it as such.

That then is the verdict rendered by this member of the voting public. I'll take into consideration any appeals until election day when the final verdict is rendered in the privacy of the voting booth.


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