Seat Belts

Even though my car is equipped with seat belts, I was not in the habit of using mine while driving.

Now, for my own safety, and because our new law is in effect, I decided something should be done to remind me.

The dashboard flashing "SEAT BELTS" had been ignored for so long that I found I was not even paying attention to it as I pulled out of our driveway. Arriving at a stoplight it would suddenly dawn on me that I forgot to snap on my seat belt. By the time I tried to pull the belt across my shoulder the light had turned green--and there was no time.

Having experienced this many times, today I decided something different should be done.

I took a piece of adhesive tape, about 5 inches long, and placed it smack-dab in the middle round part of my steering wheel. In large red letters, I put "S.O.B."

Now when I start my car I know that is to remind me: SNAP ON BELT.

Not only that--as I look down at my steering wheel at each stop, I find myself happily grinning and not as determined and grim as some would-be racers, without their seat belts on.


Van Nuys

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