Bulls' Jordan Will Return to Action Saturday

Chicago Bull guard Michael Jordan will return to NBA action Saturday night after being sidelined for 4 1/2 months with a broken bone in his foot. Jordan's decision to return comes against the wishes of the club's owner and general manager, the team's physician and two orthopedic specialists.

"We urged him not to try to play, and told him the risk of re-injuring his foot and spending at least four to six months recuperating is not worth it," Bull owner Jerry Reinsdorf said after a two-hour meeting with Jordan.

"But Michael insisted, saying this was the most important thing in his life. He said he felt confident after practicing hard the last four days that he is willing to take the chance."

Jordan, who played just three games before cracking the navicular bone in his left foot, will return against the Milwaukee Bucks at Chicago Stadium.

But Jerry Krause, Chicago's general manager, said he has instructed Coach Stan Albeck to give Jordan no more than 14 minutes of playing time in that game and to use him sparingly for the remainder of the season.

Krause, Albeck and team physician Dr. John Hefferon also attended the Wednesday night meeting with Reinsdorf and Jordan. Orthopedic specialists Drs. Stanley James of Eugene, Ore., and John Bergfeld of Cleveland participated in the discussion via a telephone hookup.

All those opinions to the contrary, Jordan, the NBA's Rookie of the Year in 1984-85, said he was ready to play.

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