Will Halley's Comet Be as Grand a Sight Now?

I am very much interested in knowing of the return of the Halley's comet since its last arrival in 1910, and hope I can see it again as I did in that year.

I was then 14 years of age. Today this soldier of World War I is now over 90. But I presume in case I can see something of its return I will not have a most grand sight of it as I did in 1910.

In our present time there is so much pollution and smog in the air, that I doubt a clear visibility of it even when nearest to the Earth. Here in Riverside I even miss the great enjoyment of seeing myriads of beautiful stars in the sky. I would be so glad if I could only see one of them. And so as to the return of the Halley's comet, I do not think of seeing it as I did in 1910.

It was spring time, and even before the setting of the sun, still shining brightly, I had immense joy of seeing it as a tall giant with its ball nose just over the tip of the horizon and its fiery tail spurting up high to the sky, a most unforgettable wonder of my life.

The daily newspapers reported that before morning its tail would brush the face of the Earth, and put an end to the world. At bedtime I retired with confidence of rising in the morning. And safely I did see the good morning. But I understand that, as the scientists explained, it did no harm to the Earth.

In conclusion, I anxiously wait if I can see it as I did in 1910.



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