Apparently Hollywood just can't get enough of "Tuff Enuff," a new song by the Fabulous Thunderbirds. The tune isn't a Top 40 hit yet--but it's already being touted by the band's record label, CBS, as one of the musical highlights of Ron Howard's "Gung Ho," a just-released Paramount film.

The bad news (for Paramount) is that "Tuff Enuff" also makes a prominent appearance in "The Naked Cage," a violent women-behind-bars shocker just released by the Cannon Group.

This came as a surprise to glum Paramount Music VP Steve Bedell: "Really? We had no idea. No one told us anything about it."

A source close to the band, now in Australia, said the group apparently licensed rights to Cannon a year ago, when the band was between record contracts. "Somehow everyone just forgot the track had been sold once already when Paramount acquired the rights earlier this year."

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