I'm happy to hear that Keye Luke, one of my favorite actors, will soon receive a lifetime achievement award ("Keye Luke--Beyond the Stereotype," by Henry Ong, March 9).

There was, however, an error. Ong indicates that Luke made no Charlie Chan films after the death of Warner Oland, but Luke appeared in two more Chan films--"The Feathered Serpent" (1948) and "Sky Dragon" (1949). Made by Monogram and starring Roland Winters, they are frequently shown on Channel 11 late at night, along with Monogram's other Chan films.

Unfortunately, the Chan films with Oland and Luke, produced by Twentieth Century-Fox, are no longer shown on television and are not available in video cassette form.

It's a shame that a tiny, vocal, misguided minority within the Asian-American community has been able to suppress these warm and wonderful films.

Perhaps now that Luke is being honored by an Asian-American organization, the public will once again be allowed to view the Chan films from Fox.


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