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In your article of Feb. 24, relative to the acquisition of Eastern Airlines by Texas Air, you stated that one of the primary reasons for the acquisition by Texas Air was the need for a reservation system. I believe that the reference you made to the desire for a reservations system should have been to a travel agency distribution system.

Continental Airlines currently utilizes one of the most sophisticated reservations system in the airline industry. As a matter of fact, Continental Airlines was the first carrier in the industry in the late 1960s to implement what has become the industry standard reservations system.

This reservations system for Continental Airlines is operated by CCS Automation Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Texas Air, which provides automation to more than 70 airlines worldwide. There are more than 20 airlines that utilize the CCS SHARES reservations system. Together, these carriers boarded more than 52 million passengers in 1985 through our reservations system.


Vice President

CCS Automation Systems Inc.

El Segundo

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