Dana, La Jolla Village Inns For Sale?

Two of the owners of Great Pacific Hotels, the local hotel owner and management company, are quietly shopping their Dana Inn and La Jolla Village Inn properties.

Word from hotel and real estate industry sources is that developers Henry A. Gotthelf and Nevins McBride are asking $16 million for each property--a figure considered high by comparison to similar facilities, area hoteliers maintain.

The owners are simply "testing the waters," one source familiar with the properties said. Gotthelf and McBride, who shun publicity, make a habit of buying and selling their holdings, another source familiar with the developers said.

The decision to sell the La Jolla Village Inn would not be Gotthelf's and McBride's alone: A San Francisco real estate syndication firm, which owns a portion of the La Jolla Village Inn, would have to approve any sale, sources said.

Blue Skies

The Economic Development Corp. has a new national advertising campaign afoot, touting San Diego's high-tech ventures.

The ad--a full page running in Forbes, Venture, the Wall St. Journal, California Business and, this week, Business Week--also touts San Diego's weather.

"Look at what 350 days of sunshine has done to our brains," proclaims the ad. It features pictures of Dr. Jonas Salk, Hybritech's David Hale, Tony-award winning director Des McAnuff, Scripps Clinic President Dr. Charles Edwards, Nobel Laureate Dr. Francis Crick and newspaper publisher Helen Copley. (Officials said that luring publishing companies here is a priority this year.)

The ad is directed at businesses that need "an intellectual environment," according to Mark Drozda, account supervisor for Phillips Ramsey, the ad agency that created the campaign.

The weather may be touted a bit much, however. According to the National Weather Service, San Diego last year had 147 clear days, 116 partly cloudy days and 102 cloudy days.

Under the best case, counting partly cloudy days as sunny ones, that totals only 263.

The ad, complete with error, runs through June.

Boileau Sentencing Postponed

Paul Boileau, facing 10 years in prison following his conviction last month on 171 counts of grand theft and corporate securities violations, got a last-minute reprieve Monday when he dismissed his court-appointed attorney and retained veteran San Diego lawyer Bart Sheela.

Boileau, 45, has filed financially indigent statements since he was charged in January, 1985, and his attorney, Roy Gunner, was court-appointed and paid for at public expense.

Boileau's family, however, has apparently hired Sheela, and the change of attorneys spelled a postponement of the sentencing. New date: April 23 before Superior Court Judge Paul E. Overton.

Same Name, Different Game

No, the Richard L. Burns trying to sell 750 acres of land in a national forest region through a Times classified ad earlier this month is not San Diego's Richard L. Burns, formerly of Nucorp Energy and Deposition.

The Burns placing the ad is a real estate broker and consultant in Rolling Hills, Calif.

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