The Cooler the Rendezvous the Hotter the Romance

--A walk to the water cooler could lead to a walk down the aisle, according to a study which found romances that start in an office last four times longer than those that begin in a singles bar or health club. In a survey this year of 1,800 professional women between the ages of 21 and 45, 56% reported having had an affair with a co-worker, customer or client, according to Srully Blotnick, a New York research psychologist. "Women want a better idea of who they're getting involved with," Blotnick said. About 20% of on-the-job romances lead to marriage, compared to 0.25% of those that start in settings such as singles bars, health clubs and beaches, he said. "They say that it takes longer to get started with someone they meet on the job but that the relationship lasts longer." Despite the traditional taboo on combining romance and work, only 5.3% said they felt their relationships had hurt their careers. "Sixty-one percent said (romance) actually helped their job performance," Blotnick told Success magazine. Only 1 in 400 reported losing her job.

--The Boston Pops will break tradition this July Fourth and play at the Statue of Liberty gala in New York; but, to soothe local fans, the century-old orchestra has vowed not to leave home again on Independence Day. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I think most of the people of Boston think it's an honor to give our orchestra to the nation for one night," said Associate Conductor Harry Ellis Dickson. "This is a gift from the people of Boston to the people of the United States." During the July 4 televised concert, Pops Conductor John Williams will lead the orchestra through a medley of American songs by John Philip Sousa, Irving Berlin and Aaron Copland, and he will be joined on stage by such performers as Barry Manilow, Johnny Cash and Whitney Houston.

--The Marine Corps, often looking for a few good men, has also been in the market for one good dog. They have chosen Pvt. Smedley, a 7-week-old bulldog, who will be sworn in Friday at Kittery, Me., replacing the late Cpl. H.F. Spike, as mascot of the Marine barracks at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Cpl. Spike died last month of a liver ailment at age 4 1/2, prompting a nationwide search for a replacement. They found Smedley, a 10-pound pudgy pup, in Florida. Smedley will spend his off-duty hours in the captain's quarters until he has matured and can assume more responsibilities, officials said.

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