Sex Education

Columnist Ellen Goodman's sympathetic account of Jean Baptiste Point DuSable High School (Editorial Pages, March 11) turns reason and logic upside down.

When we no longer believe in the natural value of self-mastery, esteeming the sexual act as a part (not the whole) of a lifelong commitment of marriage, then love is viewed simply as a self-satisfying process below the belt, a mechanism that is just as obsessive as constantly washing one's hands every hour.

Before long, those pragmatic administrators of DuSable might follow their logic even further (God forbid) and turn the top floor of the school into a charity brothel where the proceeds can go to the funding of all the contraceptives or their accidents--unwanted and rejected babies.

Then if they really want to go further in their reasoning, they could solve the pregnant problems by opening up sodomy rooms as well, with an AIDS prevention center next door. Indeed these jerks are not only unprofessional, they've gone mad.


Granada Hills

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