School Vacancy and Westminster Vote

The Westminster School District finds itself embroiled in one of the most controversial campaigns of recent years. On Nov. 6, 1985, the Westminster Board of Trustees appointed Curtis Jones, the fourth runner-up in the Nov. 5 election, to fill the vacancy created by Skip Morgan's resignation.

Members of the school board had made their intentions clear prior to the election. Nevertheless, a resident of Westminster, prompted by the Westminster Teachers Assn., applied for and demanded the appointment for herself. When her appointment was denied, the WTA wasted no time in organizing a petition drive to gather 484 signatures required to void the appointment of Curtis Jones, thereby forcing a special election.

The WTA recently mailed a campaign flyer to voters featuring a picture of the space shuttle symbolizing the great quests of teachers. Billing the Westminster School District for $30,000 for a needless election has got to be the antithesis of greatness.

We all felt relieved when Corazon Aquino was pronounced leader of the Philippines. Why? Because we felt that the electoral process had been vindicated. The voters of Westminster cast 1,300 votes for Curtis Jones in the November election. How will we feel if voter apathy allows the WTA's candidate to win with only a few votes?



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