Letters : Fiedler Vote on Contra Aid

Valley congresswoman Bobbi Fiedler is to be congratulated for her yes vote on aid to the contras. Unlike her Democratic colleagues from Southern California, Fiedler understands that Sandinista Nicaragua now is a tyrannical government of the left.

The recent House vote on aid to the contras surely exposes the hypocrisy and the double standards of congressional liberals. Liberals are for human rights, but only when it concerns tyrannical governments of the right. Tyrannies of the left apparently are to be left alone, surely not to be replaced by a Corazon Aquino of the right. Remember the Philippines?

When congressional liberals (including House Speaker Thomas P. O’Neill) first protested the so-called U.S. invasion of Grenada, we were told that Grenada was just some sweet little Marxist paradise; the people of Grenada, however, rejected this lie and told the truth to the world, in the face of skeptical American reporters and cynical congressional Democrats. The people of Grenada got on their hands and knees and thanked God that the United States ousted the hard-line Marxists.

Imagine the horror of congressional liberals should Nicaragua by some miracle repeat the Grenada experience.