U.S. Seeks No Libya Talks

From Reuters

The United States said today it was not interested in holding talks with Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi to overcome mutual antagonism that flared into violence last week in the Mediterranean’s Gulf of Sidra.

“It is not at all necessary,” State Department spokesman Bernard Kalb told reporters questioning him on why Washington was not talking to Kadafi.

“If the Kadafi regime wants to improve its international acceptability, it knows precisely what it must do,” Kalb said.

“It must cease its unacceptable policies and actions and show it is prepared to become a member of the civilized community,” he added. “It must cease its support for terrorism.”


Kalb said Washington has not responded to several offers to mediate between the two countries because it sees no need for intermediaries. Saudi Arabia is among the countries which have made such offers, according to press reports.