Reflecting on Search for Special Mirror

Fay Cheney of Santa Ana is craning her neck in her search of a back-view mirror that you can hang around your neck , leaving both hands free to style the back of your head. Can you help before we accuse Cheney of resorting to hindsight, or will she just throw up her hands in realization that she perhaps has stuck her neck out too far?

Moyra Maund of Redondo Beach, who is a swinger, of course (actually on the course), is seeking a battery-operated heating pad for after-golf aches and pains. She wants to do something about the occasional muscle twinges that she experiences in her back while driving home from the golf course. Can you help get Maund out of this rough situation, or will she have a difficult life to look forward to even after the 19th hole?

Because she frequently does a lot of heavy-duty ironing, Sara Sartain of Sun Valley is looking for a sturdy, heavy-duty ironing board. Can you help iron out her problem, or will a steaming Sartain be hard-pressed for a solution to this iron-ic situation?

Elizabeth Plugge of Van Nuys is trying to replenish her supply of sealing wax ; she already has the metal stamp. Can you help before Plugge waxes discouraged or even stamps her foot, or is nobody willing to put the seal of approval on this request?


Reader-to-Reader Help Line: Claire at (714) 621-6252 is trying to find a Save-a-Wave swimming cap that featured a half-inch rubber deflector about half an inch from the inside edge of the cap. Please help so that Claire can get dry behind the ears before she experiences that sinking feeling. . . . Ann at (818) 444-4992 is on the hunt for a transfer unit, to grind meats or nuts, that goes with a Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 12-C (1965). Please stop putting her through the grinder before she goes nuts.

Note: The Reader-to-Reader Help Line is only for products no longer available in stores. And you must give us written permission to publish your telephone number, so other readers may contact you directly.

Celia Martinez of Wilmington, who was looking for someone to hemstitch her dish towels, need not throw in the towel yet. Renee Hanke of Burbank says that, after a long search, she finally found Gisele’s, a Glendale dressmaker who also does hemstitching. Gisele’s is at 129 S. Brand Blvd., (818) 240-1334.

If Sylvia Kroot of Whittier is still looking for plastic aprons, she might try the Cost-Less stores. Elizabeth Neal Smith of Huntington Park says she has seen the aprons in that chain’s Torrance and Hawthorne outlets.


Ellin Crawford of West Hollywood, who was looking for silk-covered wiring for antique lamps, should soon be able to see the light again. Doris High of La Habra suggests the Faye-Bell Lamp Shop, 614 W. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel; they have the cord and also do wiring and restoration of antique lamps. An unidentified reader suggests Alladin Electric Co. on El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego (45 cents a foot), or perhaps a wholesaler, Crystal Lamp Co., 2050 East 1st St., Los Angeles, (213) 746-2520. In addition, three readers have various lengths of silk-covered cords; a stamped, self-addressed envelope will strike the right cord.

Phyllis Irshay of Redlands, who was looking for someone in her area to do some “invisible weaving,” can repair to the cleaners at Riverside Plaza on Central Avenue in Riverside. According to Winnie Brock (now of Escondido), they do a perfect job. And Barbara Rose Farber of San Bernardino says two sisters there do wonderful work. She doesn’t know the exact address, but the house is next to the A.B.C. Cleaners on the corner of Sierra Way and 9th Street in San Bernardino; the place is on the north side of 9th Street. These two sources may also help Lois Block of Rancho Mirage, who was looking for a reweaving service fairly close to home. If not, a glance at the “Weaving” category in the Yellow Pages may open up a “hole” new field.