Letters : Smoking at Airport

Who says one person can’t make a difference? When we heard that Councilwoman Joy Picus needed assistance with her campaign to have non-smoking sections in all Los Angeles International Airport terminals, our public affairs volunteers went into action.

Through calls and letters to Valley politicians and the Airport Commission from the American Cancer Society, and Joy Picus’ valiant campaign, one-half of all waiting areas at LAX are now free of “second-hand smoke.”

In his letter to Mrs. Picus, Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., president of the Board of Airport Commissioners, said “no-smoking” signs would be posted as soon as possible.

But Picus, a frequent traveler, noticed the signs were not very conspicuous and complained. The Department of Airports doubled the number of signs.

The American Cancer Society will continue working to make every community smoke-free and to support bills that prohibit free distribution and sales of tobacco products to minors. If this is an issue you are interested in, contact the American Cancer Society Public Affairs Department at (818) 989-5555.


Van Nuys

Hoban is president of the San Fernando Valley Unit, American Cancer Society