Nestande’s Home Arrangements

County Supervisor Harriett Wieder cries out that “few average citizens arrange a house rental by personally calling a building company president,” as supervisor Bruce Nestande did. “That’s blatant, and I would not touch what he did with a 10-foot pole,” she said.

Supervisor Ralph B. Clark said he “would never mix his personal life with the people he has got to do business with.”

Supervisor Thomas F. Riley says about the Nestande affair: “I am always conscious of this type of thing. I try to be careful who I do business with, because this ‘Nestande’ thing could happen to anyone in politics, if they are not careful.”

I do not condone his actions, someone should have wised him up on possible repercussions, but I do not believe the general public is going to think any less of Bruce Nestande after all of this attention.


With Marcos sitting over in Hawaii with billions bilked from our government, with all the other world corruption, some with our own governments blessings, in most any area of our globe, including, I’m sure right here in downtown Orange County, Nestande’s ordeal should have gotten little attention, if any attention at all, in comparison to other political exposures.

Remember, Nestande is the only supervisor opposing this special lane on the Costa Mesa Freeway. Don’t disagree with us, or we will find a way to get even, the others could be saying.

Come on, the rest of you supervisors, stop kicking one of your own when he is down, and stop kidding the public with your foolish statements as to how honest you are. You all have your special interest groups.