Republicans and Gay Rights Issue

As a lifelong conservative Republican, I am disappointed to see some of my party's leaders embroiled in the gay and lesbian rights "issue." I always believed one of our party's basic tenets was: "Government which governs least governs best." (That's why I feel that what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes is none of the government's business.)

I don't understand why our party chairman is so frightened of this issue. At a time when the party is in a great position to expand beyond our traditional second-place position and become the majority party, we are not to even consider the inclusion of a lawful group of men and women who basically agree with us regarding what constitutes effective government.

Rep. Robert K. Dornan says keep them out. I say let them in. Chairman Thomas A. Fuentes says don't talk about it! (And here I always thought another Republican ideal was that though the free and open "competition" of ideas comes the best ideas.)

Please, let's debate this issue, reach a conclusion, and move on to the serious issues of the upcoming campaign.


Mission Viejo

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