Vacancy, Westminster Special Election

This is a rebuttal to the two letters (March 30) regarding a vacancy and the special election in Westminster.

Recent letters and articles have indicated that the Westminster School Board had agreed to appoint the fourth person in the November, 1985, election to a vacancy on the board. The statements are false. The persons making the statements are being untruthful and they know it.

If you check the official school board agendas and minutes of its meetings, you will find that no such decision was ever made. In fact, board members Randy Fruechting and Curtis Jones refused to go along with such a plan. They decided it was a good idea only after Jones was defeated in his bid for reelection and was in that fourth position.

A check of the records will show that the board policy No. 1180 was clearly violated. Jones, as president of the board, ignored the policy and instead had himself improperly appointed back onto the board.

It is unfortunate that those responsible are attempting to cover up their actions and mislead the public. We hope this sets the record straight.



Westminster Teachers Assn.