In a letter to The Times (Feb. 22) a writer used the term "Crazy Glue." Please be advised that the correct name and spelling of our client's product is "KRAZY GLUE."

The mark "KRAZY GLUE" should never be varied in any way nor used as a verb. Additionally, it should never be misspelled (i.e. with a "c") nor used as a general term for cyanoacrylate glues.

"KRAZY GLUE" is a registered trademark of our client, KRAZY GLUE, INC. The "KRAZY GLUE" trademark identifies their brand of cyanoacrylate glue. This trademark represents a valuable property right of their company, and they have spent millions of dollars in the past 10 years in television, newspapers, magazines, and other media in making the "KRAZY GLUE" trademark known to the public. Improper use of the trademark could jeopardize this valuable property right.


New York

Kahn is an account executive with the Furman, Roth Inc. ad agency.

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