It's somehow fitting that the last sound of Redd Kross' show Friday night at the Roxy was a sustained blast of feedback. For years, this local band has been saluting--and lampooning--pop culture, armed with a loopy sense of humor and a loud & proud trash rock approach. The quartet remains junky but chic, stumbling into some solid, if shabby, rock grooves. Between striking poses, blowing kisses to the crowd, mumbling goofy asides, dodging--and tossing--paper airplanes, it's clear that Redd Kross still doesn't take itself too seriously.

The problem with this game plan is that it falls prey to the law of diminishing returns. If you see the group too often, the Kross-fire of wry sonic booms begins to lose its bite--which may also help explain why these witty veterans have never clicked on a larger scale.

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