Little Carmel Is Big News as Voters Turn Out in Droves

Associated Press

In one of the world's most closely watched and perhaps least important elections, voters in this tiny village crowded the polls in record numbers today to choose among screen idol Clint Eastwood, the incumbent who is a former librarian, and a dishwasher for mayor.

Eastwood, who voted at about 8:45 a.m., was confident on Monday that voters in the town of 4,825 would make his day by ousting incumbent Mayor Charlotte Townsend and handing him the $200-a-month post. He made plans for a victory party, but didn't issue any predictions.

"It's a very high turnout," City Clerk Jeanne Brehmer said late this morning. "I was predicting 60% yesterday but now it looks like it might be 65% to 70% with nice weather and all the people coming out early."

Brehmer said that in her five years as clerk, voter turnout has not exceeded 30%.

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