Will Hit U.S. Targets if President Orders New Raids--Kadafi

United Press International

Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi today threatened to attack the United States and U.S. targets around the globe if President Reagan orders more military strikes against the North African nation.

Kadafi also said he does not expect the Soviet Union to aid Libya if any further confrontation with the United States is limited to the Mediterranean. He said, however, that the Soviets will “not stand by with their hands tied” if the conflict escalates.

Kadafi made his comments at a news conference in the Bab al Azizzia Barracks after U.S. officials said they suspect Libyan involvement in the bombings last week of a TWA jet over Greece and a nightclub in West Berlin.

The attacks killed five Americans, and reports have said Reagan Administration officials are considering plans for military strikes against Libya to avenge them.


‘An Old Story’

“This is an old story,” said Kadafi, who appeared before reporters in a military uniform after meeting with top military commanders. “The world has not heard any evidence or proof about this old story.

“The United States is only seeking justification for aggression against independent states,” Kadafi said.

Kadafi repeated threats of retaliation if the United States again attacks Libyan targets but he also struck a more moderate tone, which he has been sounding in recent days since U.S. and Libyan forces clashed in the Gulf of Sidra two weeks ago.


“America has become a crazy superpower,” Kadafi said, standing in front of a large Bedouin tent he had erected on the grounds to remind him of his origins. “It is threatening the world community.

‘Enemies . . . All Over World’

“Unless the American people are capable of toppling the crazy American Administration headed by Reagan it is sure that there will be attacks on America from its enemies who are spread out all over the world.

“If there is an American attack, American security will be threatened in American cities and American targets all over the world. From now on it should be clear that this is the American Administration’s responsibility. It is not us.”


Kadafi emphasized that Libya will attack U.S. targets only if it is attacked first by the United States.

He said the Soviet Union and Libya have signed an agreement to coordinate defense efforts “during times of dangerous crisis.” Kadafi apparently was referring to the agreement he signed during his trip to Moscow last year. Military sections of the pact have not been made public.

‘Will Not Stand By’

“If the battle with the 6th Fleet spreads widely, then naturally the Soviet Union will not stand by with its hands tied,” Kadafi said.


U.S. officials said Libya fired missiles at planes staging exercises in international waters in the Gulf of Sidra inside Kadafi’s “line of death” two weeks ago. Warplanes from the 6th Fleet retaliated by sinking Libyan boats and hitting a missile site.