National City Mayor to Quit After 26 Years

Times Staff Writer

Mayor Kile Morgan announced Thursday that after 26 years in city government--20 of them as mayor--he is ready to step down.

“It is time for me to set aside the business pressures that have kept me from enjoying vacations with my family and from playing more golf, things which are very important to me,” he said.

Morgan will remain in office until November, said Millie Valdez, assistant to the mayor. The city’s mayoral and council races, originally scheduled for this month, were changed to November by the council to coincide with general elections, she said.


Morgan, 66, was first elected to the City Council in 1960. In 1966 he was elected mayor for the first of five consecutive four-year terms.

During that period, Morgan made his strongest mark through redevelopment and by encouraging private investment in National City. Morgan pointed to Plaza Bonita shopping center and the city’s Mile of Cars on National City Boulevard as two positive results of that investment.

“We have a redevelopment program now starting work in the downtown area which has been badly needed and long-awaited and will add much to our city,” he said.

Morgan gave himself credit for the city’s good health and offered a positive outlook for its future.

“The future for National City looks bright, and I can leave it in the best financial condition ever in its 100-year life,” he said.

“It has been interesting and a great deal of pleasure to have taken a role in these many changes. I shall always be interested in the welfare of National City, and I hope and pray it continues to prosper and to serve its citizens well.”