Institutions Near Proposed Sander Plant

Under the proposed Senate bill, trash-burning plants would be prohibited within three miles of schools, day-care centers, hospitals, nursing homes and food processing plants. Here are the institutions that lie within three miles of the proposed Sander plant at California 163 just north of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard.


Angier Elementary School, 8450 Hurlbut St.

Hawthorne Elementary School, 4750 Lehrer Drive

Madison High School, 4833 Doliva Drive

Kroc Middle School, 5050 Conrad Ave.

Sequoia Elementary School, 4690 Limerick Ave.

Lafayette Elementary School, 6125 Printwood Way

Schweitzer School, 6991 Balboa Ave.

Lindbergh Elementary School, 4133 Mt. Albertine Ave.

Ross Elementary, 7470 Bagdad St.

Kearny High School, 7651 Wellington St.

John Muir Alternative School for Humanistic Studies, 3390 Armstrong St.

Jones Elementary School, 2751 Greyling Drive

Wegeforth Elementary School, 3443 Ediwhar Ave.

Cubberley Elementary School, 3201 Marathon Drive

Taft Junior High School, 9191 Gramercy Drive

Hancock Elementary School, 3303 Taussig St.

Miller Elementary School, 4343 Shields St.

Serra Junior-Senior High School, 5156 Santo Road

Tierrasanta Elementary School, 5450 La Cuenta Drive

Vista Grande Elementary School, 5606 Antigua Blvd.

Nursing Homes

Georgian Court Convalescent Hospital, 2828 Meadowlark Drive

Kearny Mesa Convalescent & Nursing Home, 7675 Family Circle Drive


Meadowlark Convalescent Hospital, 8001 Birmingham Drive

Sharp Knollwood, 7944 Birmingham Drive

Frost Street Convalescent Hospital, 8060 Frost St.


Sharp Memorial Community Hospital, 7901 Frost St.

Children’s Hospital, 8001 Frost St.

Pre-schools and child-care centers

Rainbow of Love Infant Center, 4955 Conrad Ave.

Rainbow of Love Pre-School, 4955 Conrad Ave.

Palo Alto Preschools-Clairemont 1, 5185 Acuna St.

Chapel Knolls Child Development Center, 4633 Dolivia Drive

Atonement Lutheran Church Preschool, 7250 Eckstrom St.

The Living Preschool, 6555 Balboa Ave.

Social Advocates for Youth, 4133 Mt. Albertine Drive

Ross Children’s Center, 7470 Bagdad St.

Armstrong Street Day Care Center, 3002 Armstrong St.

Salvation Army Children’s Learning Center, 2799 Health Center Drive

Shirley’s Nursery & Pre-School, 3320 Ruffin Road

San Diego County Employees Child Care Center, 5201 Ruffin Road

Recreation Unlimited, 7250 Eckstrom Ave.

Copley YMCA-Sunshine Co. Afterschool Program, 5450 La Cuenta Drive

Adventure Days-Vista Grande Child Care Center, 10881 Tierrasanta Blvd.

Miller Children’s Center, 4343 Shields Place

Gethsemane Christian Pre-School, 2696 Melbourne Drive

Christopher Robin Preschool-Serra Mesa, 3411 Sanrock Road

Wegeforth Children’s Center, 3384 Glencolum Drive

Source: California Energy Commission.