Bomb Hits 2 Airline Offices in Lisbon

United Press International

A bomb exploded before dawn Thursday, destroying the glass and aluminum facade of the downtown Air France office and damaging a nearby Trans World Airlines facility. There were no casualties.

A far-left French terrorist group, claiming solidarity with Libya, said it was responsible.

Police said there were no casualties, but the blast shattered windows in buildings within a 25-yard radius and woke up guests at hotels along the Portuguese capital’s main Liberdade Avenue.

Police said the bomb, planted in a trash can outside the street-level Air France office, was a powerful plastic explosive charge.

The Portuguese news agency ANOP said a male telephone caller with a heavy Spanish accent claimed responsibility for the 5:34 a.m. bombing on behalf of the ultraleft Direct Action, a French terror group.


The caller said that the attack was to protest France’s collaboration with Washington and that he was in solidarity with Libya.