U.S. Protests Soviet TV Camera Crews at Embassy

Associated Press

The U.S. ambassador said today that he has complained to the Foreign Ministry about Soviet television crews repeatedly trying to enter U.S. diplomatic missions this week to film Soviets protesting American nuclear testing.

“We have a rule not to allow any television filming inside the embassy and we apply this to our own (American) crews as well,” Ambassador Arthur A. Hartman said.

Four times this week, groups from officially sanctioned organizations--trade unionists, the Young Communist League, the Committee for the Defense of Peace and the Soviet Women’s Committee--went to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow to present petitions against U.S. nuclear weapons tests.

“The Soviets are always complaining in Washington about demonstrations being allowed too close to their embassy and next time they complain, we will give them chapter and verse on this,” Hartman said.