Once, Crum Lost at Own Game

Denny Crum managed to beat every member of his Louisville basketball team in H-O-R-S-E this season, but he once met his match on a recruiting trip, and it may have cost him a couple of more NCAA titles.

When Crum was trying to recruit Larry Bird, he couldn’t get the big forward to visit Louisville despite repeated entreaties. Finally, according to Tom Callahan of Time magazine, Crum went off to French Lick, Ind., uninvited, and encountered Bird on the court.

He said to Bird, “If I beat you in a game of H-O-R-S-E, you have to visit Louisville.”

Bird agreed.


Wrote Callahan: “Quickly, Crum attempted his specialty corner shot, a long one from behind the backboard that tends to amaze his players. He missed it. Bird made five of them straight and a half-courter for punctuation.”

So much for a dynasty.

Trivia Time: What was the only year in which there were Triple Crown batting winners (homers, RBIs and average) in both the American and National Leagues? Hint: Both winners played in the same city. (Answer below.)

20 Years Ago Today: On April 12, 1966, a crowd of 50,671 turned out to welcome the Braves to Atlanta after their transfer from Milwaukee. Willie Stargell spoiled the day with a two-run homer in the 13th inning, giving Pittsburgh a 3-2 win.


On this date in 1927, the New York Yankees, considered by some the greatest team ever, defeated Lefty Grove and the Philadelphia Athletics, 8-3. The Yankees held first place the entire season, winning the pennant by 19 games over Philadelphia.

Chuck Hofius, recruited by friend Bill Kratzert to caddy for him at the Masters after Kratzert fired his regular caddy, said: “One minute I’m drinking Scotch in the clubhouse, the next I’m eating chicken salad in the caddy shack.

“Look at me. Yesterday I had on nice red golf slacks and now I have to wear a white jump suit. But if my guy keeps playing like this, they’ll have to stop me with guns from wearing this out of here.”

If Kratzert wins, will Hofius get a cut?


“We’re negotiating,” he said.

Add Hofius: He’s a sales manager for an electronics firm in Ft. Wayne, Ind., and he had never caddied before, so he was asked if he had anything to say to Kratzert on the course.

“Just one thing,” he said.

Which was?


“Nice putt.”

Said Mac O’Grady, when asked by the New York Times if he thought Deane Beman would be happy when he saw O’Grady’s score of 82 in the first round: “Deane’s trying to do the best job he can do; a few feathers have been ruffled that’s all.

“The last time we talked, I came out with my arm around him. We’re not bitter enemies. We’re like two politicians hacking it out.”



Iowa State basketball Coach Johnny Orr told the Des Moines Register that he thinks George Raveling’s move from Iowa to USC will cost Raveling $100,000 in income.

“I can’t imagine anyone wanting to leave Iowa City for Los Angeles,” Orr said.

Trivia Answer: In 1933, Jimmy Foxx won the Triple Crown for the Philadelphia Athletics, and Chuck Klein won it for the Philadelphia Phillies.



Utah Jazz Coach Frank Layden, after getting his annual physical examination from the team doctor: “I asked him, ‘How do I stand?’ He said, ‘That’s what puzzles me.’ ”