It is easy to tell where Dennis McDougal was looking while he researched his series on male vs. female nudity (April 1, 2 and 3).

To prove that female nudity is more common than male nudity in the movies, he cited the shower scene from “Porky’s.”

For the record:
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And Dennis McDougal, who left his radio beat long enough to do a three-part series on male-female nudity earlier this month, took some undeserved lumps last week from a letter writer who accused him of not noticing the male nudity in “Porky’s.” Actually--and McDougal cheerfully reported this to us--Film Clips’ own Jack Mathews perpetrated the gaffe in a sidebar story included in McDougal’s series. Charge the error to the Letters Page.

Apparently, he completely failed to notice that virtually every young man in that film also had a nude scene. Some observers credit the particularly great amount of male nudity in “Porky’s” as a major factor in its success--it provided something for everyone and pleased hundreds of thousands of dating couples.

In fact, male nudity is much, much more common in movies than McDougal seems to think. His ability to see nude actors and not notice them says more about him than the use of male nudity in movies.


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