'Approaches to the Americas'

One can only agree wholeheartedly with Fuentes. What a sad commentary on our present Administration, which is addicted to military power as the only solution in Central America.

We have a militarist in the State Department who sees the soldier as the only solution to his foreign policy problems.

Our professional soldiers depend foremost on their government's ability to engage in a foreign policy that is wise, prudent and cautious. Diplomacy is the art and skill to avoid conflict or confrontation, not reckless behavior.

The Reagan Administration with its ideological fixation on communism has militarized its diplomacy. It clearly shows that with all the phony flag-waving the Reagan Administration apparently has no great regard or respect for the American officers and soldiers. They simply become pawns--expendable cannon fodder a la Vietnam, either in the Middle East or Central America.


Sherman Oaks

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